Our Bloodlines

Our Purebred Arab Mares
By Fawzan**** out of   Kahinaoura by Dakari

She is the mother of  Paprika du Barthas, Qualifa du Barthas, Simba du Barthas,
Tara du Barthas and Vista du Barthas

Kamchatka - IRE** et DRE**
By Antibes out of  Foreva by Forex***

Several times  podium in CEI.

Mother of Tahar du Barthas, Strada du Barthas, Razzia du Barthas, Vagram du Barthas, Assim du Barthas, Camchatka du Barthas and Emirate du Barthas

By Tango d'Ayres out of Perdia by Persik****

Winner in CEI***and  CEN**.

Mother of  Djozoula du Barthas, Falcon du Barthas, Guerwan du Barthas and Irania du Barthas.

Asma Lotoise
By Saïd Lotois****  out of Yasma de la Coste by Fawzan****


Mother of  Vavite du Barthas, Asmar du Barthas, Carma du Barthas

Qualifa du Barthas
By Khadar**** out of Agate by Fawzan****

Mother of Akim du Barthas, Caïd du Barthas, Extrem du Barthas, Gazza du Barthas and Djinkha du Barthas.

Bey Djin
By Azadi out of  Barakah
                                   by Ourki

Mother of  Gaya du Barthas

Fayiza de la Salud
By Arzew**** out of Hassina by Ibn Nedjari**

Mother of Taher du Barthas, Urem du Barthas, Azza du Barthas, Cadzia du Barthas, Etihad du Barthas and Gandjar du Barthas

Solonka du Barhas
Pimiko du Croate
By Akbar out of Ch'Tana by Goumri

Mother of Hermes du Barthas

Nitska de Jalima
By Arques Perspex out of  Nitsana Danaee by Negus

Mother of Invictus du Barthas

Solonka du Barthas
By Djin Lotois**** out of Borarra de Cardone by Ararat

Mother of  Favola du Barthas, Hasna du Barthas and Imran du Barthas

Nitska et Invictus.jpg
Syria du Barthas
By Djin Lotois out of Urabi by Grabiec

Mother of Irkhan du Barthas

Syria du Barthas
Our Partbred Arab Mares
  Hifrane du Barthas
By Bosphore out of Strada

​French Team Gold Medal Winner at the the World  Equestrian Games 2006
1st Prize for Best Condition

and also the French Team Gold Medal Winner at the European Championship 2007

She is the mother of Bilie Djin du Barthas, Djin Fizz du Barthas, Fayiza du Barthas, Haudevar du Barthas

Jacca de la Rose
By Kalhan**** out of  Fille de Cazes by Nedjam / Marzouck

Mother of  Assad du Barthas, Chaiqua du Barthas, Ebene du Barthas and Gasby du Barthas

Quissea des Pins
By Saïd Lotois/Zulus out of   Perlingueta by Djouran

Mother of  Emir du Barthas and Issan du Barthas